Locallink Donegal and Letterkenny University Hospital will host a conference on Cleaner, Greener Transport Wednesday April 4th in the Mill Park Hotel Letterkenny, Donegal.

“Let’s Talk Cleaner Greener Transport” is a half day conference organised by Locallink Donegal and Letterkenny University Hospital in association with the SEAI, The National Transport Authority and the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport Climate Change Unit.

The conference will discuss a vision for a greener future for Ireland, National supports for sustainable transport and opportunities for change and showcase the successful pilot project Sustainable Vehicles delivering Renal Dialysis Transport, a collaboration between the Renal Dialysis Unit in Letterkenny University Hospital and Locallink Donegal.

Speakers include; Eileen Magnier North West correspondent for RTÉ, Lauran Behan Head of the Climate Change Unit in the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport, Wendy Thompson Head of Taxi Regulation for the NTA, Kevin Brady from the Department of Communications Climate Action and Environment, Declan Meally and Shane Prendergast of the SEAI, Fiona O’Shea Transport Manager with Donegal Local Link and Conor O’Brien of ESB Ecars.

Locallink Donegal coordinates and manages the daily transport needs for patients of the Renal Dialysis Centre in Letterkenny University Hospital. In operation all year round with the average yearly kilometers running in excess of 1.3million SEAI presented the future trend of sustainable transport and the potential it offered. The initiative involved changing six of the current vehicles (taxis and hackneys) for a mix of seven sustainable vehicles with the aim to be more cost effective while significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

The hope of the pilot is through an open tendering process all work requiring, and in particular, renal dialysis and hospital discharge nationally, sustainable transport will score highest where possible. It is envisaged that within a reasonable time frame, all SPSV working for Locallink nationally will be sustainable and in line with the Government targets.

The conference will have information on grants currently available, possible supports going forward and updates from the Taxi Regulation section of the National Transport Authority. It will also be an opportunity to see at first hand a sample of sustainable vehicles available on the market.

To register visit http://locallinkdonegal.ie/ or email donegal@locallink.ie. Please note places are limited.

Let’s Talk Cleaner Greener Transport

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