Download PDF Map

This map shows Waterford City bus services in detail. It marks out the principal stops for each route in detail. You can find these stops within the detailed map inset.

Within the inset you will see the following bus services:

  • W1 The Clock Tower – Merchants Quay (via WIT) (Bus Éireann)
  • W2 The Clock Tower – Meagher’s Quay (via WIT) (Bus Éireann)
  • W3 The Clock Tower – Meagher’s Quay (via St. Johns Park) (Bus Éireann)
  • W4 Peter Street – Browne’s Road (Bus Éireann)
  • W5 Waterford Hospital – Oakwood (Bus Éireann)
  • 360 / 360a Waterford – Tramore (Bus Éireann)