Leap Card users with Near Field Communications (NFC) enabled Android phones can check their card balance and instantly top-up with travel credit or collect pre-purchased tickets (including TaxSaver tickets) onto their Leap Card – all by touching their card against their phones.  The innovative Leap Top-Up App uses NFC technology to communicate directly between the phone and the Leap Card.

This new enhancement will be particularly useful to Leap Card users who most regularly travel by bus because until now they have had to detour to a shop to upload credit or ticket products bought earlier online.

Now any Leap Card holder with an NFC-enabled Android smartphone which runs version 4.4 KitKat or later and with a Google Play account can download the Leap Top-Up App and start using this convenient new feature – immediately.  In addition, people with the App on their phones can check a friend’s Leap Card Balance for them, allow them to collect a ticket or pay for a friend’s Leap Card top-up, instantly.

Apple has not yet decided to allow access to NFC technology by third parties.  If and when they do there are plans to develop the App on iOS for iPhone owners.

For more information visit the Leap Card website.

Click here to download the app

View the video below to see how the app works