The National Transport Authority is extremely disappointed with the announcement yesterday by Irish Ferries of further cancellations to their WB Yeats sailings from the 30th July to 17th September 2018, which will impact approximately 19,000 passengers in addition to the 10,000 passengers already affected by its earlier announcement in April of its intention to cancel all sailings on the WB Yeats scheduled to sail from the 12th to the 29th July.

Passengers affected by these cancellations should contact Irish Ferries on + 353 818 300 400 or email

Impacted passengers are entitled to an alternative sailing to their final destination at the earliest opportunity, under comparable conditions and at no additional cost or to a full refund.

Impacted passengers may also be entitled to claim compensation depending on length of delay in arrival at your final destination and depending on the cause of that delay .

As the National Enforcement Body for maritime passenger rights in Ireland under EU Regulation 1177/2010, the National Transport Authority is considering in light of this development how this Regulation will apply to ensure that passengers impacted by this announcement receive the protections provided for by the Regulation.

The National Transport Authority also acts as an appeal body for complaints not resolved with the carrier or terminal operator under EU Regulation 1177/2010.

We have an information booklet for passengers which details their rights when travelling by Sea and Inland Waterway –  Information for passengers on their rights when travelling by sea and inland waterway.

Further Information is available in the Passenger Rights section of our website, at the following link – Maritime Passengers Rights.